Student Council

     The Student Council at AGM involves students in curricular/co-curricular activities, such as student leadership and  service projects. It provides students with a unique opportunity to learn life skills like leadership, communication and  planning.It helps build student’s self-confidence and teaches a sense of responsibility.

     The Student Council is comprised of two teacher advisors and upper grade students who are in leadership positions.  Sixth grade students run for Student Council by campaigning and giving speeches in November. First through sixth  grade students vote and elect the Student Council based on their leadership characteristics and good behavior.  Besides creating solutions forstudent and school related matters, all members meet on a monthly basis to help  decide on fundraisers, and how to raise awareness with community matters like recycling.  Student Council members  also help monitor the school for safety and act as positive role models for the other students to follow.

The following members are the Student Council Officers:

Natalia Mihranian - President

Ani Martirosian - Vice-President

Maral Nazarian-Peters- Secretary

Hovsep Markarian - Photographer 

Natalie Ayvazian - Advisor

Gerard Jananian - Advisor

Christopher Raheb - Advisor