Co-curricular Activities

Enrichment Courses

Students participate in enrichment courses which meet once or twice a week.

Foreign Language-Spanish

Students are introduced to the Spanish language by building vocabulary, understanding common phrases, and practicing through conversation and writing.


Artistic creativity is encouraged as a form of self-expression. The art program gives students the opportunity to study various artists, genres, and styles. Through the implementation of the “Meet the Masters” program, students are exposed to master artists. In addition, AGM has incorporated an innovative, unique addition called “Meet the Armenian Masters.” Students are introduced to the biographies of the artists and experiment with several art techniques and materials such as drawing, painting, and design.

Library/Media Center

The AGM library offers hundreds of books to check out, as well as access to audio/visual materials.  The library utilizes the Dewey Decimal Classification system and has a collection of English and Armenian books. Our highly-qualified librarian oversees student use of the library. Students visit the library regularly to select books, hear stories, and learn information literacy skills. 


The music program exposes students to a variety of traditional songs and music. It provides performance experience and appreciation of music as a form of expression. Students develop their music awareness through singing and understanding of basic music concepts and terminology.

Physical Education/Health

Each class meets twice a week for physical education instruction and to develop an appreciation for a healthy, active lifestyle. Students participate in various activities to develop personal strength and endurance. Through friendly competition, the concepts of teamwork and good sportsmanship are reinforced.

Instrumental Music

Third to sixth grade students learn to read music while playing a string or wind instrument of their choice. Students learn individual technique and ensemble skills. As a culmination, the students perform as part of the school’s instrumental orchestra.

Computer Lab

Students learn to use technology as an effective tool for communication, research, and productivity. They develop essential computer skills on Windows-based computers, using the latest software programs.


In conjunction with the development of good character and moral ethics, AGM students have weekly religion class to deepen their spiritual awareness and learn about the Christian faith. Forty Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church, located adjacent to the school, plays an active role in students’ life. Students attend church services during religious holidays to receive Holy Communion. The Pastor meets with students in church on a monthly basis to guide them spiritually and deepen their understanding of concepts taught in religion class.

Character Education

AGM emphasizes the development of good character as an important step in a student’s personal growth. Ethical responsibility, integrity, and respect for all people and cultures are taught through the Character Counts program. A character trait is featured as the “Word of the Month,” and taught through various activities in the classroom. Students who best demonstrate the character trait throughout the month are awarded “Student of the Month.”