Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Ari Guiragos Minassian School strives for academic and personal excellence.



We Are Academic Achievers Who:


  • Have a strong foundation in all grade-level content areas

  • Listen actively and communicate our ideas and thoughts clearly in both English and Armenian languages

  •  Practice effective study skills and take responsibility for our own learning, now and in the future


We Are Critical Thinkers Who:

  • Identify problems and formulate solutions by applying a variety of decision-making and problem-solving skills

  • Work collaboratively to develop and appreciate potentially different solutions, while developing both leadership and teamwork skills

  • Utilize technology appropriately to gain, analyze, and communicate information


 We Are Socially Responsible Citizens Who:

  • Show respect and tolerance to others and appreciate cultural diversity

  •  Are contributing members of society

  •  Practice environmental responsibility


 We Are Culturally Aware Armenians Who:

  • Identify with the unique aspects of our culture and preserve our traditions and heritage

  • Practice Christian values guided by the teachings of the Armenian Apostolic Church

  • Have knowledge about our language and history, and pursue the historic rights of the Armenian people