We challenge each and every student to reach their greatest intellectual potential. Our dedicated teaching staff works to establish strong foundational skills in all grade-level content areas, and then build upon those skills with higher-order thinking.


At AGM we not only learn about the Armenian culture, we contribute to its existence. Our school offers a safe environment where students can explore their Armenian identity, practice their Christian faith, learn the language, and celebrate the Armenian culture.


We believe that the development of good character is an important step in a student’s personal growth. Alongside our academic and cultural curriculum, AGM works to foster positive pillars of character among students.

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Alongside our school mission, our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) are what all students should know, understand, and be expected to do in order to be competent global citizens.

We Are Academic Achievers Who:

  • Have a strong foundation in all grade-level content areas
  • Listen actively and communicate our ideas and thoughts clearly in both English and Armenian languages
  • Practice effective study skills and take responsibility for our own learning, now and in the future

We Are Critical Thinkers Who:

  • Identify problems and formulate solutions by applying a variety of decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Work collaboratively to develop and appreciate potentially different solutions, while developing both leadership and teamwork skills
  • Utilize technology appropriately to gain, analyze, and communicate information

 We Are Socially Responsible Citizens Who:

  • Show respect and tolerance to others and appreciate cultural diversity
  •  Are contributing members of society
  •  Practice environmental responsibility

 We Are Culturally Aware Armenians Who:

  • Identify with the unique aspects of our culture and preserve our traditions and heritage
  • Practice Christian values guided by the teachings of the Armenian Apostolic Church
  • Have knowledge about our language and history, and pursue the historic rights of the Armenian people



As part of our WASC accreditation Schoolwide Action Plan, AGM has identified the following action items to prioritize over the upcoming 6 years:

I. Develop 21st century learning spaces and explore strategies to measure 21st century learning skills.
Rationale: Provide students with the tools to meet the demands of an ever-changing global community. 

II. Further integrate interactive technologies to enhance the curriculum.
Rationale: Technology can enhance literacy development, impact language acquisition, provide greater access  to information, support learning, and motivate students. 

III. Explore modern linguistic approaches and professional development opportunities for teaching Armenian language.
Rationale: Modern linguistic approaches will improve Armenian language instruction to meet the needs of a new generation of Armenian language learners.