• Language Art Skills: Children acquire pre-reading skills in both Armenian and English languages.
  • Cognitive Skills: Children acquire concepts in mathematics, science, social studies, health, and other academic areas.
  • Aesthetic Skills: Children have daily opportunities for aesthetic expression and appreciation through art and music.
  • Social Skills: Children are provided many opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperating, helping, and negotiating.
  • Motor Skills: Children have daily opportunities to use large muscles by running, jumping, and balancing. They use their small muscles by experiencing drawing, writing, using scissors, etc.



Children of preschool age need to have the opportunity to EXPLORE, utilize all their SENSES, and DISCOVER their natural curiosity in a relaxed environment. Our program encourages children to spend time in the outdoor classroom space every day as a means to optimize their learning.
In the outdoor classroom space, children are choosing to interact with one another through sand-play, water-play, blocks, bicycling, and much more. Students are also able to grow their own vegetables in our garden, observing the process along the way.

All our activities in the outdoor classroom are geared to establish the foundations of a joy for learning.




Each classroom has 2 qualified educators who are fluent in Armenian and English. In our 2-3 year old class, the teachers communicate with students in Armenian  for approximately 90% of the school day. In our 4-year old classroom, the teachers communicate with students in Armenian for approximately 70% of the school day. We believe in setting a strong foundation for bilingualism, as a proven method for future academic success. All of our students are equipped and prepared with the skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten at the end of their preschool term.  

Students can and should feel comfortable expressing themselves in any language with the teacher, and among each other. Students who come to AGM with no background in the Armenian language, are still proven to work, play and learn successfully in our classrooms.


Music and movement is incorporated into our preschool curriculum on a daily basis. We believe singing and dancing to be an effective and age-appropriate way to introduce important concepts and lessons!