As the only Armenian school in Orange County, AGM has an important responsibility to our students and community. Armenian language, history and religion are an integral part of the school curriculum. However, our Armenian curriculum expands far beyond the classroom, to offer students an experience that will stay with them forever.

What if my child does not speak any Armenian? 

In consideration of our students’ diverse backgrounds and foundations in the Armenian language, our teachers tailor curriculum to meet the needs of each individual student. While fostering a classroom environment of inclusivity and encouragement, students can work to grow at their own.

What are the benefits of being a bilingual student? 

It is a common myth that learning two languages creates confusion in the mind. In fact, studies show that knowing more than one language gives us significantly better cognitive abilities.

  • Being bilingual can lead to improved listening skills, since the brain has to work harder to distinguish different types of sounds in two or more languages.
  • Being brought up in a bilingual environment gives us stronger working memories than those brought up with only one language. This means bilinguals are better at mental calculation, reading and many other skills.
  • Bilingual students can switch from one task to another more quickly. They show more cognitive flexibility and find it easier to adapt to unexpected circumstances.
  • Bilinguals have stronger control over their attention and are better able to limit distractions. Being bilingual can also make us better at multi-tasking, because bilingual people have both languages activated at the same time, and must continually monitor which one is more appropriate.
  • Since learning a second language draws one’s attention to the abstract rules and structure of language, it can make one better at their first language.

Our students begin with the basics of the alphabet and graduate with a strong grasp of reading, writing and expression. We are confident that this solid foundation in a second language sets AGM students apart, and propels them into a highly successful Junior High career.





What elements of Armenian culture will my child enjoy beyond the classroom? 

There is so much more to gain than just the language! AGM offers weekly religion classes, students perform plays and skits of Armenian authors, we learn dances and songs, we even eat traditional home-cooked Armenian meals at lunch!

By choosing Armenian school, you are offering your child a second home and a second family. The experience of Armenian school helps shape our students into bright, successful scholars.

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