Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Executive Committee:


One of the most noteworthy aspects of AGM life that sets us apart from most other schools, is the level of parent participation and involvement. This participation is most evident through the work of our PTO executive. Our dedicated group of PTO parents host multiple social and fundraising events throughout the year, and serve as an important liaison between school staff and the parent community.

Mania Persekian, Chair

I have been an AGM parent since 2009.  I currently have 4 children attending AGM – in 6th grade, 4rd grade and 1st grade! I’m looking forward to leading the PTO this year, and implementing so many great activities and events!

Houri Guldjian, Treasurer: 

I have  been a proud AGM parent since 2011. I have a daughter in 4th grade and a son in Kindergarten. One of my favorite parts about AGM is the loving family environment. I am very excited to serve on the PTO for the 2017-2018 school year!

Natalie Peters, Social Media and Communications: 

I have two boys, one in pre-K and one in Kindergarten. I want to share my enthusiasm of our school, and the greater AGM family, by bringing an outside perspective to the PTO. Having moved to California from Florida last year, I see what a unique privilege it is to have a primary-school Armenian education not available in most places in the country. I hope to enrich and support this education, and keep it ongoing for as many children as possible.

Sose Matti, Spirit Sub-Committee: 

I have been an AGM parent for 5 years. My son is currently in 1st grade and my daughter is in Kindergarten. I have an immense amount of excitement and spirit towards our school and I am looking forward to working with the PTO to create a wonderful atmosphere for parents and children!

Samantha Megrin, Teacher Liaison and Advisor: 

I have been an AGM parent since 2012. I have 2 children at AGM, Landon in 2nd Grade and Hudson in Kindergarten. This is my 3rd year serving in the PTO and I continue to enjoy being a part of such a wonderful experience in getting to know all the faculty, parents, children and most importantly being a part of AGM!

Jibit Cinar, Advisor: 

I have been an AGM parent since 2010.  My daughters are in 5th  and 1st grade.  I have served as PTO chair for two years. My husband, Pierre and I, are committed to seeing our children successfully graduate from AGM and become dedicated members of the Armenian community. That is why we commit whatever free time we have to volunteering on the PTO and School Board.  I am  very excited to serve on the 2017-2018 -school year’s PTO and I know that it is going to be another year filled with new and fresh ideas!

Maria Poladian, Advisor: 

I’m a mommy of two to Leela, in 1st grade and Nayira, in prek 1B. I was born in Lebanon and moved to California in 2010. Being a Lebanese Armenian, I never felt the “challenge” of  losing my Armenian heritage, as is the case in the US. I realizes that I should not take this lightly and made an extra effort in assuring my kids not only preserve their identity but live it, while speaking the language, knowing the history, and reading it’s literature. As such, sending my kids to AGM is just the first step to many more.  while being a member of the PTO, this year, is just another.

Marine Agazaryan, Advisor:

I have been an AGM parent going on 4 years now. I have two boys at AGM Avak and Hovik who are in 2nd and 3rd grades. This is my third year as part of the PTO executive committee. It is a true pleasure to work with all the amazing women on the committee.  I love having the opportunity to give our AGM kids a fun and engaging school year. It is a full feeling to work towards something that helps better our school and give lifetime experiences to our children.


PTO CALENDAR 2017-2018